Treasured Memory Books

Client Testimonial

Lucia has created three extraordinary photo books for us. To define them as merely “tabletop” books does not provide them with proper justice. They are genuine keepsakes to convey to our children and grandchildren. She personally took photographs of very special events in the lives of our family. Other photographers that we employed were too visible during the event so they became bothersome. Lucia was able to blend into the event without notice but took meaningful shots. Each book contains photos with skillfully written captions to highlight these occasions which occurred in different states. Her photographs are artistic and imaginative with outstanding clarity and quality. Lucia arranged these photos in the books not merely in a logical order but one that communicates a complete story. Anyone can view these books and understand the emotion and meaning of these special happenings. We have attempted to create such books online but they did not measure up to those by Lucia. She has the flair and talent to take distinctive photographs and author our special books.

Dennis & Susan Noah

Baltimore, Maryland