My Favorites


The God Wave


A Perfect Landing 


The Nepali Coast 


The Perfect Stare




California Surfin'

My Photography


I never imagined I would become as passionate about photography as I am. I approach every picture through my journalist lens. That is, every picture tells a story. So I give every photograph a lead to capture attention. A beginning, a middle and an end follow suit. Angles, light and motion add mystery. In the end, I've showcased history.

Digital talent is arbitrary. Camera's are computers. But determination, patience, tenacity, commitment, and perseverance remain key to garnering historical images. 

Images become a potpourri of all that I find amazing in wildlife, nature and humans. I can get a gorilla to smile and a cat to wink. I've surfed with dogs and posed with dolphins. Abstract images become art and people are relegated to  Rock Stars. 


My camera is my constant companion. Not only have I grown as an artist with time - and patience - photography  has opened up many new worlds including graphic and web design. Everything, and I do mean everything, you see from print to production is navigated by me, including the pictures, the website and the graphic designs. All that I can't create, I choose. I'm a collaborator of color and schematic themes. And I love every single second of the entire process.

Diligence and confidence enable me to share incredibly wonderful captured moments.


This may surprise you, but I don't own a smart phone. Everything I do is up close and personal. Say "CHEESE" please!